Robert Piguet

"The Prince of Fashion"

Born in 1898 to a prominent banking family in Yverdon, Switzerland, Robert Piguet’s passion for fashion design demonstrated itself early on. At 17, in the face of heavy opposition from family, he left Yverdon for Paris where he studied under the legendary houses of Redfern and Poiret.

It was during the years at Rond-Point that the most enduring aspects of Piguet’s legacy took shape; first, as the master who trained the eyes of couture’s most recognized names, and second, as the man that forever changed the world of fragrance.

Although Piguet died at the age of 55, his extraordinary accomplishments live on in the women who understand his enormous influence on contemporary fashion, and who surround themselves with the aura of Piguet’s elegance with his fragrances.